Workshop #3: Persistence in Stability (July 2022)

New Date: 4 & 5 July 2022
Place & Format: TBA

The main agenda of this workshop is to lay the foundation for a reconceptualization of the notion of persistence by incorporating stability. The background assumption is that contemporary debates about persistence have focused too much on cases of change. However, in many areas of science stability is even more important than change: the human body exists through metabolism, social systems often exist through a delicate balance of internal and external forces, and solar systems exist only through a delicate balance of rotational energy and gravitational force. By rethinking persistence through stability, the Network seeks to enrich contemporary metaphysics of persistence.

Sophie Allen
Rani Lill Anjum
Florian Fischer
Anne Sophie Meincke
Helen Steward
Emanuel Viebahn
Neil E. Williams

Florian Fischer
Anne Sophie Meincke

Everybody is welcome to attend, but registration is required. To register, please send an email to