Workshop #3: Formal Accounts of Powers, Processes, and Change (Dec 2021)

Date: 9-10 December 2021, 14:00-19:00 (CET)
Place: Online

It is becoming an increasingly popular idea to account for change in terms of powers or in terms of processes, or in terms of a combination of both. Accounts of change along those lines often claim to provide a dynamic rather than a static picture of reality and notoriously invoke notions such as dynamicity, directedness, becoming, activity, or productivity. The formal aspects of such accounts are, however, under-investigated, and it is not straightforward to reconcile the above ideas with a standard model-theoretic approach, according to which objects are assigned properties relative to points in time.
This workshop will bring together researchers who aim at making formally more precise the idea of change in terms of powers or processes. We will investigate viable routes to overcome the static aspects of the model-theoretic picture and discuss attempts to provide formal tools that allow for a more dynamic representation of powers, processes, and change. Questions to be addressed include:
– How are the manifestations of powers, how are processes to be represented formally, and how do they combine to yield change?
– How can the temporal continuity of objects be guaranteed on formal grounds?
– How does an account of change in terms of powers or processes relate to the logic of time and modality?
By answering these and related questions, the workshop will also shed light on the metaphysical debate. In particular, it will elucidate the notions of dynamicity, directedness, becoming, activity, or productivity and thereby help to clarify which views on powers and processes can be consistently combined with which views on time, persistence, and change.

Antony Galton (Exeter)
Ludger Jansen (Rostock)
Thomas Müller (Konstanz)
Tomasz Placek (Krakow)
Antje Rumberg (Aarhus)
Johanna Seibt (Aarhus)
Barbara Vetter (FU Berlin)

Thomas Müller (Konstanz)
Antje Rumberg (Aarhus)

The workshop is a collaborative initiative of the DFG research network “Change and Change-Makers” and the Marie Skłodowska-Curie project “Reasoning about Processes: A Logico-Philosophical Investigation”.

Further information will follow in due course.