Workshop #1: Change and Changemakers in Ancient Philosophy (July 2021)

Date: 1 & 2 July 2021, 9 am – 6 pm (UK time) each day
Place: Online (Zoom)

Change and changemakers are a central focus of much ancient philosophy. This workshop will seek to identify ideas from these ancient discussions which have salience to our contemporary philosophical debates concerning change, suggesting how these ideas may advance our current thinking.

This workshop is a collaborative initiative of the Change and Change-Makers Network (Siegen) together with the Mereology of Potentiality Project (Oxford). Participation is open to all researchers with an interest in these areas. To register please email

Please find the conference brochure including the program here: CCMAP brochure (PDF)

The video documentation of the conference is available on


Confirmed Speakers & Topics (in alphabetical order):

Sean M. Costello: Aristotle on Building the World from the Ground (and other Elements) Up: An Eduction-Driven Theory of Hylomorphic Ordinary-Object Ontology

Simon J. Evnine: The Metamorphosis of Artifacts

Paolo Gigli: Change and Spatial Priority in the Theaetetus

Arthur Harris: Multiple Motions and Mechanical Explanation in the Aristotelian Corpus

Tyler Huismann: Aristotle on How Efficient Causation Works

Ludger Jansen: Models of Substantial Change in Plato and Aristotle

Anna Marmodoro: Causes as Difference-Makers in Plato’s Metaphysics

John Pemberton: Aristotle’s Persisting and Changing

Aleksei Pleshkov: What Makes Time Change? The Temporal Status of the Receptacle in Plato’s Timaeus

Tiberiu Popa: Aristotle on Microstructures and Capacities

Ryofu Pussel: Dōgen Zenji’s Being-Time

Petter Sandstad: Change, Hylomorphism, and Mereology

Barbara Sattler: The Beginning and End of Motion in Aristotle

Daniel Saudek: Understanding the Relationship between Causal and Temporal Asymmetry: A Neo-Aristotelian Approach

Johanna Seibt: The Energeia-Kinesis Distinction and the Modes of Dynamicity of Changes

Thomas Seissl: Why Does Aristotle Say That All Change Is Continuous?

Helen Steward: Two Kinds of Two-Way Powers

Niko Strobach: How to Make Things Worse – On Plato, Pol. X 608d-611a