Workshop #2: Change and changemakers in ancient philosophy (July 2021)


International workshop
Friday 2 July 2021

Change and changemakers are a central focus of much ancient philosophy. This workshop will seek to identify ideas from these ancient discussions which have salience to our contemporary philosophical debates concerning change, suggesting how these ideas may advance our current thinking.

This workshop is a collaborative initiative of the Change and Changemakers Network (Siegen) together with the Mereology of Potentiality Project (Oxford). Speakers will include Anna Marmodoro (Durham University), Helen Steward (Leeds University), Niko Strobach (Universität Münster) and John Pemberton (LSE).

Researchers wishing to present a paper to the workshop are requested to send a proposed abstract to no later than 31/12/20 for consideration.

Participation is open to all researchers with an interest in these areas. To register please email